Vinduino: wine grower saves water

Reinier van der Lee created the Vinduino project (Vineyard + Arduino) to better manage the irrigation of his Southern California vineyard:

Vinduino, a wine grower’s water saving project

Monitoring soil moisture at different depths to determine when to irrigate, and – more importantly – how much water is needed. Save 25%!

Reineir explains further on his project page:

If you want to learn about saving water, talk to a farmer. California farmers, including myself, voluntarily aim to reduce agricultural water consumption by 25%. This reduction is more than the annual urban water use, much more effective than any residential water reduction can achieve.

The project includes:

  • DIY calibrated gypsum soil moisture sensors
  • Hand held sensor reader for soil moisture, salinity & water pressure
  • Solar powered remote sensor platform:
    • 3 electrically separated inputs for soil moisture sensors
    • Wifi (ESP8266) or Appcon RF module for long range connectivity (miles)
    • Irrigation valve control, optional pressure sensor for valve operation feedback
    • DHT-11 temperature/humidity sensor

Vinduino has produced impressive results:

  • In 2015 we saved 25% , or 430,000 gallons, of irrigation water.
  • Cost saving on water and labor was $1,925
  • Cost to achieve these savings was $635
  • Minimum configuration for developing countries, incl. salinity measurement: $60


ReiniervdL has shared two project on OSH Park:

Vinduino-R V0.1: Remote soil moisture measurement 

2 layer board of 3.69×3.15 inches (93.65×80.01 mm).
Shared on June 7th, 2015 21:33.

Order from OSH Park


2 layer board of 2.39×2.00 inches (60.66×50.80 mm).
Shared on June 7th, 2015 21:33.

Order from OSH Park

Vinduino: wine grower saves water

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