Eye of Toast — Robotic Art


Sarah Petkus wrote on her Robotic Arts blog about toaster hacking:

Eye of Toast

I would like you to meet my toaster. The toaster is an old character of mine who has survived through subtle reference in the things I draw and build. Nothing I make is about the toaster, but the toaster is about everything I make. He’s my chrome totem.

Here is a brief progress report on the surgery of toaster! He will soon have eyes!

Eye of Toast — Robotic Art

OpenPanzer.org Scout ESC

scout_osh (1).jpgOpenPanzer.org Scout ESC features the Atmel ATmega 328 microcontroller and VNH2SP30 motor drivers:

Dual brushed motor controller that accepts both TTL serial and RC inputs. The onboard processor is an ATmega 328 and can be programmed with the Arduino IDE


The bill of materials and EAGLE design files are available on the Open Panzer Downloads page.  Source code is available on GitHub:



OpenPanzer has shared the board on OSH Park:

Open Panzer Scout ESC

0fd5d229c71b876dc00c3151990150f9 (2).png
Order from OSH Park

OpenPanzer.org Scout ESC

TCPoke and the Internet of Pokemon

Pepijn de Vos created this method to trade and battle Pokemon over the Internet:



a collection of projects that allow you to connect your Game Boy to the internet and trade or battle with the first and second generation Pokemon games

KiCad design files of Teensy 2.0 shield for a Game Link Cable:



Arduino sketch runs on Teensy 2.0 and talks to a Game Boy via raw HID mode:



TCPoke shield kit is sold on Tindie:

TCPoke and the Internet of Pokemon

Pokemon Go on the Gameboy Pocket

Hackaday reports on this mix of Pokemon Go and DIY electronics:Beware Of Tall Grass: Pokemon Go on the Gameboy Pocket

[Pepijn de Vos] was excited to interact with the world’s most popular augmented reality pedometer, Pokemon Go, and was extremely disappointed to find that his Blackberry couldn’t run it. Still, as far as he could tell from behind his wall of obsolete technology, Pokemon Go is all about walking distractedly, being suspicious, and occasionally catching […]

TCPoke shield kit on Tindie:


Pokemon Go on the Gameboy Pocket

Lessons in 3D Circuits

OSH Park engineer Dan Sheadel created this LED crown entirely from PCBs:
Screenshot from 2016-07-23 04-58-07.png
Experimental 3D circuit board, with possible applications as headwear and firestarter
The design files and source code are hosted on GitHub:

git tekdemo/PCB-Crown


Dan shares lessons learned from his first venture into designing 3D circuits:
disconnected-vcc (1)
  • Avoid having structural components carry signals
  • Castellations work, but mind the placement.
  • If at all possible, make each component easily testable and self contained
  • Don’t try to dual-purpose a component lead as a signal wire.
  • Watch your line termination
  • Put all connected parts on the same design
  • Hobby Iron vs Soldering Iron: Not the same.
  • Make a jig, or at least a good assembly guide



Lessons in 3D Circuits