Creating the Benchoff Nickel

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Andrew Sowa writes about the PCB he designed in KiCad to surprise Brian Benchoff last weekend at the Hackaday Unconference in Chicago:

Creating the Benchoff Nickel

I thought of making the Benchoff nickel after I saw Brian’s Hackaday,io profile. He has a hi-res image of the center a Benchoff Buck which is well suited to being converted to a PCB. There is only a few colors and they have sharp edges. Bitmap2Component in Kicad, can easily detect these transitions and convert them into a footprint file. With the help of a text editor, I was able to manually layer everything into one complete image.


The KiCad design files are available on GitHub:



Junes-PhD has shared the project on OSH Park:

Benchoff Nickel


Order from OSH Park

Creating the Benchoff Nickel

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