“Ye Olde Nowt” Raspberry Pi Game Console

From Radomir Dopieralski on Hackaday.io:


Ye Olde Nowt

Yet another pi zero retro handheld game console.

Quantity Component name
1 Raspberry Pi Zero
1 1.5″ SSD1351 Display Module
2 Small SMD Speakers
2 33nF SMD Capacitor
2 1µF SMD Capacitor
2 150kΩ SMD Resistor
2 270kΩ SMD Resistor
6 Buttons
6 90° Buttons
1 ZeroLiPO
1 1S LiPo Battery


“Ye Olde Nowt” Raspberry Pi Game Console

Friday Hack Chat: Perfect Purple PCBs

We’re doing a Hack Chat this Friday at 12:00 pm US PDT!oshparkhackchat.png

Friday Hack Chat: Perfect Purple PCBs

Every Friday, we gather ’round the hot air gun over on Hackaday.io, invite some cool people over, and get them to talk about what they do. This is the Hack Chat. It’s become a tradition, and already we’ve had a ton of awesome people walk through our doors.

This week, we’re inviting [Drew Fustini] and [Dan Sheadel] to talk about what OSH Park does, how they became the first place that comes to mind when you need a PCB. They’ll explain why the boards are purple, environmental regulations for PCB manufacturing in the US, shared projects and tips and tricks for creating the perfect board.


Friday Hack Chat: Perfect Purple PCBs

Hackaday: BBSing with the ESP8266

Modems have been around for longer than the web, and before we had Facebook we had the BBS scene. Somewhat surprisingly, people are still hosting BBSes, but have fun finding a landline these days. [Blake Patterson] is one of the leading aficionados of retocomputers, and recently he took it upon himself to review an interesting new…

via BBSing with the ESP8266 — Hackaday

Hackaday: BBSing with the ESP8266

Light-Up Poker Chip

Exciting project by Alex Wulff on Hackster.io:

Screenshot from 2017-06-17 13-18-03.png

Light-Up Poker Chip

This whole circuit is the same size as a regular poker chip, but with an added surprise: lights!

Spice up your poker games with these cool blinking chips. They can be programmed on the fly to have a certain number of the LEDs illuminated to indicate value, or you can have the lights blink in a cool pattern. They make great playing chips for championships or great prizes to hand out to the winners.

Video of the board in action:

AlexWulff has shared the board on OSH Park:

Light Up Poker Chip Rev. 1


Order from OSH Park

Light-Up Poker Chip

Hardware Happy Hour (3H) Chicago for June 2017

Hardware Happy Hour (3H) Chicago was excellent this past Tuesday at Saint Lou’s!


Sebastian Gajate was in town all the way from Argentina and presented The Amp Hour host Chris Gammell with his own fútbol jersey!


Thanks to Andrew Sowa bringing his camera and taking the above shot and many more wonderful photosBart Dring brought his latest CNC build: a drawing robot based on Line-us.


Here the draw bot in action:

Brian Rutkowski’s impressive LED spinner project was a crowd pleaser!




Watch more of the dazzling LEDs in this video:

The adorable Simula robot by Jamie Laing was another favorite:


Simula made several new friends:


We were excited to get a look at the purple PCB inside:


Andrew Sowa showed the results of his technique in KiCad for converting photos into PCB artwork

We were excited to meet Jose Ignacio Romero who had designed the Low Power Continuity Tester for the One Square Inch contest on Hackaday.io last year.  He brought many projects to share including this color memory LCD board:


Peter Zieba of Analytics Lounge community lab demonstrated XRF (X-ray fluorescence)!


View more photos in these galleries:

Hardware Happy Hour (3H) Chicago for June 2017