#badgelife add-on adapter for Adafruit LED matrix


Adapter board to attach Adafruit 8×8 LED Matrix board as #badgelife add-on (using the DC26 SAO 2×2 pin header)

KiCad design files:

OSH Park shared project:

#badgelife add-on adapter for Adafruit 8×8 LED matrix

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Order from OSH Park

MicroPython support:



#badgelife add-on adapter for Adafruit LED matrix


Carlos Vadillo and Bx Dawes created the GlowSaber project to help kids in Alameda learn about physics, engineering and programming:


Building the GlowSaber main board

All the logic, sound and light effects of the GlowSaber are performed by a small microprocessor board. In this tutorial I will explain, step by step how to put together the main board of a GlowSaber.


Building the GlowSaber handle

One premise that I had while designing the GlowSaber was that I should be able to build all of it with tools that I already have. That limited the materials I could choose to those that I could cut, drill and glue with just the basic tools:


GlowSaber RGB LED assembly

The GlowSaber uses a Vollong 3 watts RGB LED. It is very bright and more than enough to light the length of the blade. When designing the GlowSaber I found that I needed a way to connect the LED to the main PCB and I designed a LED break out


How to use a potentiometer to change the behavior

The GlowSaber has a switch assembly, that controls the on/off functions. It also has a LED to show that the GlowSaber is ready to start, and finally has a small 1 kĪ© potentiometer. The following is a schematic of the switch assembly:


cvadillo has shared the board on OSH Park:


Order from OSH Park


Arduino Pro Trinket Bubble Display


davedarko wrote in hisĀ LED displays on Arduinos – a collection project log on hackaday.io:

Arduino Pro Trinket – bubble display

With 4 of HP QDSP-6064 bubble displays in a drawer I felt ready to do something with them and the “Clocks for Social Good” – call on hackaday.com finally got me going


The design files are available on GitHub:

davedarko has shared the board on OSH Park:

ProTrinket Bubble Display shield


Order from OSH Park

Arduino Pro Trinket Bubble Display

Capacitive touch with Teensy

The Teensy 3 and Teensy LC have severalĀ pins that can be used asĀ capacitive touch inputs. Ā I designedĀ this board in KiCad to experiment with cap touch buttons:

Teensy LC cap touch demo


Order from OSH Park

I used the CAPSENSE_CIRCLE componentĀ and footprint from the Wickerlib KiCad libraryĀ to create the cap touch buttons:capsense-combo

Bill of Materials:



Capacitive touch with Teensy

SHARP Memory LCD and Teensy

I created thisĀ board in KiCad to try out aĀ SHARP memory displayĀ with the Teensy LC:

Screenshot at 2016-08-24 01-21-03

Design Files:

Shared Project:

SHARP memory display and Teensy LC


Order from OSH Park


SHARP Memory LCD and Teensy