SoftRF LoRa

SoftRF is an open project for aircraft collision avoidance avionics and has designed an adapter for RFM9x to fit NRF905 module dimensions and pinout:



Multifunctional DIY IoT-based general aviation proximity awareness system.


  • 2-way raw data bridge between 868/915 MHz radio band and Wi-Fi ;
  • standalone, battery powered, compatible proximity awareness instrument that fits typical 2.25 inches hole ;
  • lightweight version to carry onboard of an UAV.

SoftRF has shared the board on OSH Park:

SoftRF-LoRa v1.1
Order from OSH Park

SoftRF LoRa

LoRaWAN FeatherWing for Adafruit Feather


Dan Watson has designed a new FeatherWing that adds the MicroChip RN2483/RN2903 LoRaWAN module to Adafruit Feather:

LoRaWAN FeatherWing for Adafruit Feather

Help your Feather fly into the IoT clouds with this awesome LoRaWAN module from MicroChip.

The design files are hosted on GitHub:


SyncChannelBlog has shared the board on OSH Park:

LoRaWAN FeatherWing

Order from OSH Park

LoRaWAN FeatherWing for Adafruit Feather