Secrets of Making a Successful Product on Tindie

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Secrets of Making a Successful Product on Tindie

Tindie has been a favorite platform for creative makers for quite some time now. Hundreds of thousands of hardware craftsmen, hackers, and enthusiasts gather here, share their ideas and create a lot of amazing products.

Three years ago Tindie published an article that used the tools of data science to look at what makes a product successful. It’s been a very popular article, providing insight to the inventors who build their communities of customers through Tindie. With so many new products and sellers since the previous article, we were inspired to dig into the numbers once again to determine if the criteria for selling a successful product on Tindie has changed over the years.


Secrets of Making a Successful Product on Tindie

Snowy Owl PCB artwork

A purple snowy owl with customizable name and short message from NWMaker on Tindie:


Snowy Owl

Look at it. This snowy owl is so cute. You can choose add custom text or not.

When you choose the option of custom text, you can customize the snowy owl as follows.

  • Add a name or nick name (less than 16 letters) like “Mary” or “James”
  • Add a short message (less than 18 letters) such as “Happy Birthday!” or “Merry Christmas!”


Owl is amazing. It has super eyesight at night. Its feather structure makes its flight silent. It can turn around its head backwards.

I’d like something to be associated with “snow” and “north”. That is why I think of the snowy owl.

Snowy Owl PCB artwork

I Can Solder Badge on Tindie

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Say it Loud and Proud With The I Can Solder Badge

When you take your first steps on the road to becoming a maker, one of the first skills you’ll need to master is soldering. It’s the backbone of just about every electronics project, but it’s not an easy skill to master. Don’t let the fear stop you, soldering opens up a lot of DIY projects for you.

With the I Can Solder Badge, you’ll not only learn the basics, but you’ll also have proof to show the world. This badge project is unique in that it also teaches you about circuits and includes a switch to save the battery power.

Included in the kit is a purple PCB manufactured in the USA by OSH Park, an RGB LED, a resistor, a switch, and a battery holder for the CR2032. Keep in mind that you’ll need to purchase the battery yourself as it cannot be mailed out with the kit due to USPS guidelines.

I Can Solder Badge on Tindie

Tindie Seller Projects in The Robotics Module Challenge

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2018-hackaday-prize-challenges-from-poster1.jpgTindie Sellers Competing in the Hackaday Prize

The Robotics Module Challenge just wrapped up and last week we featured two of the twenty finalists who are also Tindie Sellers. Today let’s look at several other Tindie Sellers who got in the game with their own robotics module designs!

Tindie seller Citrus CNC Store is working on a low-cost automatic pick and place feeder and entered it into the robotics challenge. The pick and place machine is a valuable resource for building electronics.

The end goal here is to create a fully featured pick and place machine at a mid-range hobby 3D printer price point, with support for at least 20 automatic tape feeders and loop control of every motion related component. Check out this project on

Another Tindie seller who owns the proto-Phi Store is working on a modular design for a soft robotic gripper.

The design is for soft robotics fabrication and emphasizes the molds and subsequent actuators. The current method combines the softness of a silicone actuator and a 3D plastic exoskeleton.

Check out the project page for more details!

Supporting Our Tindie Sellers

These aren’t the only Tindie sellers participating in this year’s Hackaday Prize. Take a look at these other robotics projects from our talented makers:

Stay tuned for more updates on the finalists, and future modules in this year’s Hackaday Prize!

Tindie Seller Projects in The Robotics Module Challenge

I Can Solder Badge

From MakersBox on Tindie:

2018-07-11T05_07_07.063Z-P1080585 (1)

I Can Solder Badge

Learn to solder, and learn a little bit about electronics as well


Soldering can seem a bit daunting,

but it is easier than it looks and it is a skill that opens a world of DIY projects to you. This project is the perfect way to not only learn how to solder, but to show off your new found skill to your friends and family.

Unlike other simple soldering project, this one will also teach you about circuits, and how they work. And it has a switch to save the battery. More power to you!


What you get:

  • A perfect purple PCB made in the USA by OSH Park.
  • An RGB LED that will open the all the mysteries of color mixing to you.
  • A resistor, which in addition to being the easiest component to learn how to solder, will also save your battery life.
  • A switch, which far more than the resistor, will save your battery and allow you to sleep at night not wondering how long that color changing LED will continue to light up the room.
  • A battery holder for the CR2032, the best and most cost effective lithium coin cell on the planet*.
I Can Solder Badge

Open Source Turtle Robot Kit Teaches Beginners & Creates Beautiful Art

 writes on the Tindie blog about this robotics kit from The Maker’s Box:


Open Source Turtle Robot Kit Teaches Beginners & Creates Beautiful Art

The Open Source Turtle Robot (OSTR) was created as the basis for a two-day workshop where high school students could gain hands-on experience with engineering concepts. The finished robot even creates interesting pieces of art via pen plotting with Turtle graphics.


The project is Arduino compatible for ease of programming and powered by 4 AA batteries to make it cost effective. Stepper motors were chosen for accurate motion, and the parts were 3D printed for easy customization.

Open Source Turtle Robot Kit Teaches Beginners & Creates Beautiful Art

Tindie seller: Renier van der Lee & Vinduino

From  on the Tindie blog:

Seller Feature: Renier van der Lee & Vinduino LLC

Renier van der Lee is the father of three kids, a technology enthusiast, and a self-proclaimed “gentleman farmer,” which sounds incredibly official on its own. He is also a Tindie seller who created the award-winning Vinduino sensor, which has seen massive growth and sales both on Tindie and beyond since its inception.

Join us as we explore the history and proliferation of this unique and endlessly useful device that has a huge impact on water conservation and savings for growers.

renier-van-der-lee (1).png

What is Vinduino, and How Does it Work?

Vinduino is a water-saving irrigation project for vineyards, but it has applications for all types of growers who live in drought-ridden countries. Vinduino utilizes a gypsum soil moisture sensor to accurately measure the moisture present around the roots of a plant.

It was originally designed for use in vineyards, where it can be connected to several long-range RF LoRA modules and charged by solar power. All of this is connected to the irrigation system. When the sensor detects a drop in moisture, the sprinklers turn on, and not a moment before.


The concept won the Best Product award during the 2015 Hackaday Prize, which aims to find projects that have potential as a product people would want. Vinduino was also selected for residency in the SupplyFrame Design lab.

Renier first tested his VInduino installation on his own vineyard. Prior to the creation of Vinduino, he was spending over $4,300 each year on a vineyard management company to ensure his vines were watered.

Once he switched over to Vinduino, he didn’t need their assistance anymore. Over the course of a single year, he managed to save 430,000 gallons of water, which equates to $1,925 in cost savings. The entire installation costs $635. It offers a great return on the investment almost immediately and represents a viable solution for the ongoing water shortages in California and across the world.

Tindie seller: Renier van der Lee & Vinduino