Hardware Studio

OSH Park offers professional grade PCB fabrication, at a hobbyist price.  We offer 2 layer and 4 layer rigid PCBs and 2 layer Flexible PCBs:
Proudly serving the open hardware community, helping hobbyists, tinkerers, and businesses bring their ideas to life.

High precision boards suitable for industrial, aerospace, and medical applications, ready to plug into your weekend project.  All of our boards come RoHS compliant with gold plating (ENIG) instead of lower quality solder finish (HASL) and our boards can handle lead-free reflow temperatures.

Made in the USA:
All our boards are manufactured in the USA and shipped free to anywhere in the world.
Volume pricing:
We offer significant discounts when ordering more than 100 square inches with our 2 and 4 layer services.  Checkout Medium Run pricing for more:
Follow us on Twitter (@oshpark) and check out our blog to see the innovative projects our customers are creating:
Flexible PCBs!
We are the first service to introduce low cost flexible PCBs at just $15/sqin for 3 copies of your board.  We are excited to see what people can design now that the barrier to entry for flex has been lowered:
After Dark!
While we are best known for our purple solder mask, we launched our 2 layer “After Dark” service earlier this year which features a unique look of black FR-4 substrate with clear soldermask.  This allows you to view all those beautiful copper traces which aides in both circuit inspection and adds an exciting aesthetic: