Normal schedule during Lunar New Year

Happy Lunar New Year!

We would like to let our customers know that all of our boards are manufactured in the United States, and OSH Park will be operating on a normal schedule through Lunar New Year:

Shipping Information and Turnaround Times

There are two periods of time to think about when making your order:

  • Fabrication time between when you place your order and when we receive boards from the fab.
  • Shipping time between when we ship and when the post office delivers your order to you.

All PCBs ship from Lake Oswego, Oregon, and are fully manufactured in the United States.

Normal schedule during Lunar New Year

Shared Project: Octoscroller

Download / Order: Octoscroller v1.3

Trammell Hudson created the Octoscroller cape to connect the BeagleBone Black to the Adafruit 16×32 RGB LED matrix to create the dazzling Octoscroller display at NYC Resistor hackerspace:


“Hexascroller has been a central fixture at NYCR for the past few years, with a few ups and downs. It’s replacement, Octoscroller, improves on our classic message alert polygon by having two more sides and two more colors of LEDs.”

Trammell has more awesome projects that use the Octoscroller cape and LEDscape:


“interactive art piece built for the NYC Resistor 2014 Interactive Show. It is built with the Octoscroller / LEDscape control board and sixty-four of the 32×16 RGB LED matrices. It has both interactive and non-interactive modes and has been exhibited at many art festivals.”


“Cubescroller is a six-sided hanging cubical art piece. It uses the LEDscape code and maps it onto a cube of six 32×32 RGB matrices with roughly 24-bit color.”

MTA Countdown Clock

“Pixel-for-pixel replica of the NYC subway countdown clocks. These tell when the next train will be arriving; my plan is to hook it into the MTA’s real-time data feed so that we can display authentic times for our office and hackerspace.”

Shared Project: Octoscroller projects shared on OSH Park is full of amazing projects, and we’ve noticed a fair number of those projects have purple PCBs!  Here are some nifty projects that have shared their boards on OSH Park:

World’s Smallest Bat Detector

There are more bats around than you think!

Download / Order



Remake of the TIL311 hex LED display with recent technology.

Download / Order

Video of the PICTIL in action:


1 Square Inch of Power

An MPPT solar boost converter with 3.3v Output and Supercap energy storage.

Download / Order Power board
Download / Order Solar Panel board


Low Power Continuity Tester

An extremely simple, dependable continuity tester

Download / Order


Tiny CC430 Development Board

A custom CC430F5137 development board with selectable operational frequency between ISM 868 MHz and 915 MHz.

Download / Order


STM32F030F4 IoT Breakout board

This is yet another STM32F030F4 breakout board. There are footprints for nRF24L01+ module, MicroSD.

Download / Order projects shared on OSH Park

One Square Inch: more OSH Park shared projects

There were too many awesome One Square Inch entries for us to fit them all into one blog post.  Here are some more shared projects on OSH Park from the contest:


Sixteen different LED colors on a teeny tiny board.

OSH Park shared project: blinktronicator


STM32F030F4P6 breakout board

Not as bulky as the nucleo boards, after all.

OSH Park shared project: STM32F030F4P6 breakout board v



small seven segment display for plugging on an ISP programming header of an Atmel Board or an Arduino

OSH Park shared project: tiny7


mini SAM

Miniature dev board for SAM21D / SAM20D ARM cortex M0+

OSH Park shared project: miniSAM



Breadboard-compatible USB PIC16F1455 board

OSH Park shared project: USBreadboardIT
One Square Inch: more OSH Park shared projects

One Square Inch projects on OSH Park

We are honored to see many of the One Square Inch entries used OSH Park to create their boards.  Here’s a few:

quadcopter in one inch

itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny fully autonomous quadcopter

OSH Park shared project: minicopter/201510.1

Micro Word Clock

Displaying the time on 8×8 pixels

OSH Park shared project: MicroWordClock v2

Check out their video:

Square Inch USB Sound Card

Small audio interface for adding a digital channel to an analog mixer

OSH Park shared project: SIUSBSC

Key Pass

Keychain USB multiple password manager/generator/injector

OSH Park shared project: Key Pass


One Square Inch projects on OSH Park

Portland to host Open Hardware Summit 2016!

The annual Open Hardware Summit has just announced that the 2016 city will be Portland on October 7th!

The venue will be the Crystal Ballroom:


Hope to see you all there!  In the meantime, the Open Source Hardware Association has posted photos and videos of OHS 2015 last year in Philly:

Portland to host Open Hardware Summit 2016!

One Square Inch Project


The One Square Inch Project on has produced some amazing results!  Hackaday recently announced the winners:

The Best Projects That Fit In A Square Inch

The winner of’s first user-created contest is Quadcopter In One Inch:


This wins the grand prize of a $100 credit for the Hackaday Store and a $50 gift certificate to OSHPark.There are six other prizes, each receiving a $50 credit to the Hackaday Store and $25 for OSHPark:


There were 76 projects entered into the contest, and I highly recommend browsing through them for inspiration!

Square Inch Project Entrants

Projects that fit in a square inch

One Square Inch Project

New to OSH Park: Drew Fustini

Howdy – I’m Drew Fustini and am delighted to have joined the OSH Park team this week!

As a founding member of the Open Source Hardware Association, I’ve long admired the critical role that OSH Park plays in many Open Source Hardware projects.

I’m also a Maker Faire junkie and always enjoy seeing beautiful purple PCBs in projects.  It was awesome to meet the OSH Park team at the traditional post-Maker-Faire #BringAHack dinner last year.  I even found the courage to inch my way close enough to OP Shark to snap this GIF:


So stay tuned to this blog to see what amazing things people are making with purple PCBs!


New to OSH Park: Drew Fustini

2oz copper, 0.8mm thickness service


OSH Park is pleased to offer a new PCB option:

2 Layer 2oz 0.8mm Service

A special stackup intended for a variety of high-power and low weight circuit designs. This service features a 0.032″ (0.8mm) thick PCB, and includes 2oz (2.8mil, 70um) copper. That’s half the thickness of our standard boards, and with twice the copper!


$5 per square inch, which includes three copies of your design. For example, a 2 square inch board would cost $10 and you’d get three copies of your board. You can order as many copies as you want, as long as they’re in multiples of three.

Turn Times

Orders are sent to fabrication every two weeks, and have a turn time from the fab of one week.

You can get a quote, approve a design, and pay for an order at OSH Park.

2oz copper, 0.8mm thickness service