Recap of PDX Maker Week open house


Thanks to everyone that visited us during our PDX Maker Week open house!  We always enjoy meeting our customers and showing projects built by our team.

IMG_20160916_134924 (1).jpg

Here’s more information on the Drawdio for those that got our PCB giveaway:

Laen displayed his new Dazzle project with Neopixel matrix controlled by a Teensy:

Folks also enjoyed clocking bits into our Shift Register demo board:

Tom Moxon of Pattern Agents came by and showed us his impressive array of ThingSoC boards:

Check out all the photos from the open house in our photo album.

Didn’t make it to our open house?  We’ll be having another one next week on Open Hardware Summit eve (Thursday, October 6th)!

Recap of PDX Maker Week open house

Portland Mini Maker Faire recap

Portland Mini Maker Faire made for a fantastic weekend at OMSI earlier this month.  We’ve shared our favorite photos of the fun.

Thanks to everyone that visited our booth.   It’s wonderful to meet our customers in person and hear about their projects!

Sergey Kiselev and his son stopped by our booth to show us projects they’ve created including this Intel Quark environmental sensors board.

People enjoyed seeing our full PCB panels in person and learning more about the manufacturing process.  We’ll also have them on display at our open house on Open Hardware Summit eve next week.

Low Voltage Labs had a bunch of fun easy-to-solder kits:

Mark Keppinger created this blinky board kit for people to learn to solder at the faire:

Visit our photo album for more!

Portland Mini Maker Faire recap

Drone Racing 5.8GHz Diversity Receiver


Shea Ivey created this receiver for FPV (First Person View) Drone Racing:

DIY project to create your own 5.8ghz FPV diversity basestation – based off the rx5808 receiver module.


Project includes basic Arduino Nano implementation to advanced custom PCB board and introduction to digital switches 4066 chip.


sheaivey has shared the board on OSH Park:


Order from OSH Park

Drone Racing 5.8GHz Diversity Receiver

Hackaday Prize Entry: A Charlieplexed Wristwatch

If there’s one thing we like, it’s blinky stuff, and you’re not going to get anything cooler than a display made of tiny SMD LEDs. That’s the idea behind this wristwatch and Hackaday Prize entry. It’s a tiny board, loaded up with an ATmega, a few buttons, and a bunch of LEDs in a big…

via Hackaday Prize Entry: A Charlieplexed Wristwatch — Hackaday

Hackaday Prize Entry: A Charlieplexed Wristwatch

Pre-Summit #BringAHack at OSH Park


Please join us on Open Hardware Summit eve for a delightful mix of #BringAHack and open house!

When: Thursday, October 6th. 6 PM to Midnight.

Where: 311 B Ave, Lake Oswego, OR 97034

Refreshments will be served. No problem if you won’t be able to bring a “hack”. There will still be plenty of interesting things to experience!


Uber From Crystal Ballroom (Downtown Portland):


Public Transit From Crystal Ballroom (Downtown Portland):



Pre-Summit #BringAHack at OSH Park

Teensy Mitutoyo Interface

The design files and source code are available on GitHub:



CatherineH shared the board on OSH Park:

Teensy Mitutoyo Interface


Order from OSH Park

Teensy Mitutoyo Interface

Creating A PCB In Everything: Eagle, Part 2 — Hackaday

In the last (and first) post in this series, we took a look at Eagle. Specifically, we learned how to create a custom part in Eagle. Our goal isn’t just to make our own parts in Eagle, we want to make schematics, boards, and eventually solder a few PCBs. The board we’ll be making, like…

via Creating A PCB In Everything: Eagle, Part 2 — Hackaday

Creating A PCB In Everything: Eagle, Part 2 — Hackaday

Making A PCB in Everything: Eagle, Part 1 — Hackaday

For the first in a series of posts describing how to make a PCB, we’re going with Eagle. Eagle CAD has been around since the days of DOS, and has received numerous updates over the years. Until KiCad started getting good a few years ago, Eagle CAD was the de facto standard PCB design software…

via Making A PCB in Everything: Eagle, Part 1 — Hackaday

Making A PCB in Everything: Eagle, Part 1 — Hackaday

Atmel SAMD21G Sensor Board

Mike Rankin created this tiny sensor board with an ARM Cortex M0+ microcontroller and OLED display:


0miker0’s Blog: SAMD21G Sensor Board

It’s pretty tiny so a 4 layer board made the whole job easier. The top and bottom are pretty much dedicated for components, layer1 are tracks and power traces, layer2 is a ground plane. Mixing up an internal plane and routing layer was interesting.

Screenshot from 2016-09-21 09-43-22.png

The hardware consists of:

  • SAMD21G18A processor (used in the Adafruit Feather)
  • HDC1080DMBT temperature/humidity sensor
  • ADXL345B accelerometer
  • DS1340U RTC
  • MCP73833 LiPo battery charger
  • MicroSD card connector
  • Navigation Button and pushbutton
  • 0.66″ mono oled display
  • Micro USB connector for charging and uploading new sketches


The design files and source code are available on GitHub:

github mike-rankin/SAMD21G18A_Sensor_Board


Video of the board in action:


miker has shared the board on OSH Park:


Order from OSH Park

Atmel SAMD21G Sensor Board