Recap of PDX Maker Week open house


Thanks to everyone that visited us during our PDX Maker Week open house!  We always enjoy meeting our customers and showing projects built by our team.

IMG_20160916_134924 (1).jpg

Here’s more information on the Drawdio for those that got our PCB giveaway:

Laen displayed his new Dazzle project with Neopixel matrix controlled by a Teensy:

Folks also enjoyed clocking bits into our Shift Register demo board:

Tom Moxon of Pattern Agents came by and showed us his impressive array of ThingSoC boards:

Check out all the photos from the open house in our photo album.

Didn’t make it to our open house?  We’ll be having another one next week on Open Hardware Summit eve (Thursday, October 6th)!

Recap of PDX Maker Week open house

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