2017 Open Hardware Summit

The 2017 Open Hardware Summit will be held on October 5th in Denver, Colorado:

The 2017 Open Hardware Summit is the annual gathering of the OSHWA organization and open hardware community. We are a 501c3 not for profit. Our goal of the Open Hardware Summit and Community is to create an inclusive welcoming environment to empower people in all stages of discovering open source.


Tickets are on sale now through Eventbrite:

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The Summit is seeking submissions for talks from individuals and groups working with open hardware and related areas.  Topics of interest for the summit include, but are not limited to:

  • Digital fabrication
  • Wearables, e-textiles, and fashion tech
  • Quantified-self hardware
  • Means of supporting collaboration and community interaction
  • On demand and low volume manufacturing
  • Distributed development and its relationship to physical goods
  • Software design tools (CAD / CAM)
  • DIY technology
  • Ways of sharing
  • Robotics
  • Business models
  • Competition and collaboration
  • Sustainability of open hardware products (e.g. how to unmake things)
  • Industrial design
  • Open hardware in the enterprise
  • Specific product domains: e.g. science, agriculture, communications, medicine
  • Legal and intellectual property implications of open-source hardware
  • Open hardware in education
  • Addressing the gender imbalance or other types of under-representation in the open hardware community
  • Art
  • Life Hacking

For the 4th year, the Summit is offering up to ten Open Hardware Fellowships to members of the community which includes a $500 travel stipend:

The Ada Lovelace Fellowship was founded in 2013 prior to the annual Open Hardware Summit at MIT by Summit Chair Addie Wagenknecht and OSHWA Director Alicia Gibb as a way to encourage women,  LGTBA+ and/or other minorities in open technology and culture to actively participate and foster a more diverse community within open source.


2017 Open Hardware Summit

Gathering for Open Science Hardware


The Gathering for Open Science Hardware (GOSH) is new annual conference for those building and using Open Source Hardware (OSHW)  for scientific research:

The GOSH movement seeks to reduce barriers between diverse creators and users of scientific tools to support the pursuit and growth of knowledge.

GOSH 2016 took place at CERN last March with an excellent keynote by Javier Serrano:

Open Hardware at CERN – a quick introduction


Video of talks at GOSH 2016:

GOSH 2016 Day 1 part 1: Grand Challenges

GOSH 2016 Day 1 part 2: Grand Challenges


You can apply to attend GOSH 2017, 22-25 March 2017 at the Innovation Centre at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile in Santiago, Chile:

GOSH 2017 Application Form

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Gathering for Open Science Hardware

Open Source Hardware month events


October is Open Source Hardware month!  Join with one of these upcoming events:

Documentation Day San Francisco

Date: 10/18/2016   6:30pm
Details: David from IFTTT is away this month. Let’s meetup at the TechShop at the 2nd Floor Conference Room. More details: https://www.meetup.com/urbanagtech/events/234473382/
Venue: Tech Shop
Location: 926 Howard street, San Francisco, CA

Parts & Crafts and Public Lab Documentation Nights

Date: October 5, 12, 19, & 26, 6-8pm
Details: Parts & Crafts — a makerspace for kids and adults — will be working to document all their existing open hardware projects — including the One Lightsaber Per Child project — & invite the public to help, learn more, and use their space to document their own open hardware. Public Lab will be hosting “upgrade your DIY spectrometer” documentation events on the 12th and 19th.
Venue: Parts & Crafts/Somerville Tool Library
Location: 577 Somerville Ave, Somerville, MA 02143

Event: Documentation Day Boulder 

Date: 10/22/2016, 1-4pm
Details: Toni Klopfenstein and Alicia Gibb are hosting a Documentation Day at SparkFun Electronics. Get some photography tips and bring the project you want to open source the most!
Venue: SparkFun Electronics
Location: 6333 Dry Creek Parkway, Niwot CO, 80544

Documentation Day NYC 

Date: 10/25/2016  5:30-9:00
Details: Michael Weinberg and Joel Murphy will be hosting a Documentation Day in New York. Details: shpws.me/MNb8
Venue: Fat Cat Fab Lab
Location: 224 W. 4th St., 2nd floor

Documentation Day Brazil at the Hardware Liberation Hackathon 

Date: 10/29-31/2016
Details: e-hal.org.br/en
Venue: PUC-SP, Campus Conceição
Location:São Paulo, SP, Brazil

Documentation Day Berlin

Date: 10/29-30/2016
Details: Addie Wagenknecht will be hosting a Documentation Day in Berlin. Details to follow.
Venue: TBD
Location: TBD

Open Source Hardware month events

Open Hardware Summit 2016: morning sessions

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Video recordings of Session 1 and Session 2 of Open Hardware Summit 2016 in Portland:

Programming is Forgetting

Allison Parrish


[seek to 45 min]


“Embedis” dictionary server for embedded systems

Tom Moxon and David Turnbull


[seek to 1 hr 18 min]


OpenMV: From Hack-A-Day Fail of the Week to Success

Kwabena Agyeman


[seek to 1 hr 32 min]


Open vs. Collaborative: Lessons from Linux and Google

Jason Krinder


[seek to 1 hr 49 min]


Caroline Sinders


[seek to 2 hr 38 min]


Free/Libre/Open Source Marketing

Harris Kenny


[Part 1: seek to 2 hr 52 min of Session 1]

[Part 2: start of Session 2]


Open Source Hardware at Intel: Moving the Mountain

Tracey Erway


[seek to 0 hr 7 min]


Designing an ecosystem to drive an open source hardware project

Shigeru Kobayashi and Genta Kondo


[seek to 0 hr 21 min]


Bilal Ghalib


[seek to 0 hr 40 min]


Open Source Hardware Medical Instrumentation

Ashwin Whitchurch

Screenshot from 2016-10-13 14-30-44.png

[seek to 0 hr 59 min]


What’s up with My Grandma? Open Hardware and Motor Function

Justyna Ausareny


[seek to 1 hr 23 min]  note: the talk is truncated


Gallery of slides from the above talks:



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Open Hardware Summit 2016: afternoon sessions

Open Hardware Summit 2016: morning sessions

The People, Talks, and Swag of Open Hardware Summit

Friday was the 2016 Open Hardware Summit, a yearly gathering of people who believe in the power of open design. The use of the term “summit” rather than “conference” is telling. This gathering brings together a critical mass of people running hardware companies that adhere to the ideal of “open”, but this isn’t at the exclusion…

via The People, Talks, and Swag of Open Hardware Summit — Hackaday

The People, Talks, and Swag of Open Hardware Summit

Certification For Open Source Hardware Announced

Today at the Open Hardware Summit in Portland, Alicia Gibb and Michael Weinberg of the Open Source Hardware Association (OSHWA) launched the Open Source Hardware Certification program. It’s live, and you can certify your own hardware as Open Hardware right now. What Is Open Source Hardware? Open Source Hardware can’t be defined without first discussing […]

via Certification For Open Source Hardware Announced — Hackaday

Certification For Open Source Hardware Announced

Portland Science Hack Day begins tonight

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Portland Science Hack Day at XOXO Outpost kicks off tonight after the Open Hardware Summit!  Opening Lightning Talks start at 7:15 pm:

Here are my slides on Open Source Hardware and Science [PDF]:

Screenshot from 2016-10-07 10-36-50.png

Slides are also shared on SlideShare

Portland Science Hack Day begins tonight

Pre-Summit #BringAHack at OSH Park


Please join us on Open Hardware Summit eve for a delightful mix of #BringAHack and open house!

When: Thursday, October 6th. 6 PM to Midnight.

Where: 311 B Ave, Lake Oswego, OR 97034

Refreshments will be served. No problem if you won’t be able to bring a “hack”. There will still be plenty of interesting things to experience!


Uber From Crystal Ballroom (Downtown Portland):


Public Transit From Crystal Ballroom (Downtown Portland):



Pre-Summit #BringAHack at OSH Park

Fish Food Lure for MinnowBoard

The MinnowBoard is an Open Source Hardware single board computer with 64-bit Intel Atom processor.  Jose Navarro created this “lure” board to simply connecting the MinnowBoard to a breadboard:

Fish Food Lure

Fish Food Lure, breadboard adapter for the MinnowBoard MAX / Turbot compatible boards (because you feed bread to fish). Enables fast prototyping on a breadboard, connects to the MinnowBoard using a ribbon cable.


jnavarro has shared the board on OSH Park:

Fish Food Lure for MinnowBoard


Order from OSH Park

Fish Food Lure for MinnowBoard

Join us on Open Hardware Summit eve!

We’re very excited for the Open Hardware Summit 2016 on Friday, October 7th, here in our hometown of Portland!


Please join us at our OSH Park headquarters on OHS 2016 eve.  We’d love it if you #BringAHack, but either way, all are welcome for a grand time!

Thursday, October 6th


OSH Park

311 B Ave, Suite B

Lake Oswego, OR 97034

Refreshments will be served




From Crystal Ballroom (Downtown Portland):


From Portland International Airport (PDX):


Public Transit:

From Crystal Ballroom (Downtown Portland):


From Portland International Airport (PDX):

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Join us on Open Hardware Summit eve!