Open Hardware Summit 2016: morning sessions

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Video recordings of Session 1 and Session 2 of Open Hardware Summit 2016 in Portland:

Programming is Forgetting

Allison Parrish


[seek to 45 min]


“Embedis” dictionary server for embedded systems

Tom Moxon and David Turnbull


[seek to 1 hr 18 min]


OpenMV: From Hack-A-Day Fail of the Week to Success

Kwabena Agyeman


[seek to 1 hr 32 min]


Open vs. Collaborative: Lessons from Linux and Google

Jason Krinder


[seek to 1 hr 49 min]


Caroline Sinders


[seek to 2 hr 38 min]


Free/Libre/Open Source Marketing

Harris Kenny


[Part 1: seek to 2 hr 52 min of Session 1]

[Part 2: start of Session 2]


Open Source Hardware at Intel: Moving the Mountain

Tracey Erway


[seek to 0 hr 7 min]


Designing an ecosystem to drive an open source hardware project

Shigeru Kobayashi and Genta Kondo


[seek to 0 hr 21 min]


Bilal Ghalib


[seek to 0 hr 40 min]


Open Source Hardware Medical Instrumentation

Ashwin Whitchurch

Screenshot from 2016-10-13 14-30-44.png

[seek to 0 hr 59 min]


What’s up with My Grandma? Open Hardware and Motor Function

Justyna Ausareny


[seek to 1 hr 23 min]  note: the talk is truncated


Gallery of slides from the above talks:



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Open Hardware Summit 2016: morning sessions

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