DC26: overview of the DC503 party badge

From Nisha Kumar:
An overview of the DC503 party badge as seen at DefCon 2018

Hi! My name is Nisha, and I made a party bangle for my friend, Miki, to take with her to DefCon25. It was my first fully-formed electronics project and it posed some interesting challenges due to its unusual form factor. You can read about my experiences with that project here.

Soon after DefCon25, I was approached by r00tkillah to make over a 100 of something similar for the DC503 party at DefCon26. The plan was to combine the power of the BMD-300 SoC by Rigado used in the Wagon Badge from the previous year with my Neopixel bangle form factor. We would call it “The Banglet” and it was going to be awesome.


In passive mode, the banglet’s LEDs light up when detecting nearby Bluetooth devices. The number of LEDs that are lit correspond to the number of BT devices detected and their colors are based on each device’s mac address.

DC26: overview of the DC503 party badge

Hardware design for the DefCon 503 party

Meanwhile at Ctrl-H PDX hackerspace:

Anyone in the hackerspace lately may have noticed our @DC503 #badgelife projects taking shape. If you’re headed to @defcon and want to get your hands on this one, or get one of these around your hands, check out http://503.party . See you in Vegas!


Hardware design for the DefCon 503 party

Join us on Open Hardware Summit eve!

We’re very excited for the Open Hardware Summit 2016 on Friday, October 7th, here in our hometown of Portland!


Please join us at our OSH Park headquarters on OHS 2016 eve.  We’d love it if you #BringAHack, but either way, all are welcome for a grand time!

Thursday, October 6th


OSH Park

311 B Ave, Suite B

Lake Oswego, OR 97034

Refreshments will be served




From Crystal Ballroom (Downtown Portland):


From Portland International Airport (PDX):


Public Transit:

From Crystal Ballroom (Downtown Portland):


From Portland International Airport (PDX):

Screenshot from 2016-08-18 20-26-51

Join us on Open Hardware Summit eve!