hackaday.io projects shared on OSH Park

Hackaday.io is full of amazing projects, and we’ve noticed a fair number of those projects have purple PCBs!  Here are some nifty projects that have shared their boards on OSH Park:

World’s Smallest Bat Detector

There are more bats around than you think!

Download / Order



Remake of the TIL311 hex LED display with recent technology.

Download / Order

Video of the PICTIL in action:


1 Square Inch of Power

An MPPT solar boost converter with 3.3v Output and Supercap energy storage.

Download / Order Power board
Download / Order Solar Panel board


Low Power Continuity Tester

An extremely simple, dependable continuity tester

Download / Order


Tiny CC430 Development Board

A custom CC430F5137 development board with selectable operational frequency between ISM 868 MHz and 915 MHz.

Download / Order


STM32F030F4 IoT Breakout board

This is yet another STM32F030F4 breakout board. There are footprints for nRF24L01+ module, MicroSD.

Download / Order

hackaday.io projects shared on OSH Park

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