MinnowBoard Relay Lure

The MinnowBoard is an Open Source Hardware single board computer with dual core 64-bit Intel Atom processor:


The Embedded Linux Conference was last week in San Diego, and John Hawley and David Anders of Intel Open Source Technology Center displayed new MinnowBoard Lures (e.g. daughterboards) during the Technical Showcase:


The new 4-channel Relay Lure designed by Jose Navarro of Intel and made by OSH Park was click-clacking away:


The Relay Lure is designed for MinnowBoard MAX and MinnowBoard Turbot and connects to the Low Speed Expansion (LSE) header.  Features include:

  • Rated ~6A, 110VAC / ~4A, 30VDC per channel
  • Screw in block terminals
  • Normally closed and normally open connections available
  • GPIOs protected using optocouplers.
  • Experimental header to connect HC-06 type Bluetooth modules.
  • Licensed: CC BY-SA 3.0 US

The design files are hosted on GitHub:


The board is shared on OSH Park:

Relay Lure for MinnowBoard MAX / Turbot

Order from OSH Park


MinnowBoard Relay Lure

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