Pinduino: Arduino-based pinball control system

Eric Conner is developing an Arduino-based control system for building your own pinball machine:

The Pinduino Project


This is a dream that I have been working towards since 2012 […] I have finally found the time to complete it and have been progressing with leaps and bounds. Currently the project is 80% complete

Eric has thus far implemented:

  • 64 switch inputs
  • 64 lamp outputs
  • 16 solenoid outputs
  • 5 general illumination outputs
  • 2 flipper outputs
  • I/O Expansion port to add additional 16 solenoid outputs & flipper outputs

You can find design files and source code on GitHub and even contribute to the project:



eaconner has several shared projects on OSH Park including:

Pinduino Driver Board


Order from OSH Park

Pinduino: Arduino-based pinball control system

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