Make a PCB with Fritzing & OSH Park

Fritzing is an open source free downloadable PCB design tool for hobbyists that only allows you to design and export gerbers for two-layer boards. It runs on Linux, Windows, and Mac:

OSH Park Docs: Fritzing


Fritzing + OSH Park = PCB!


Pete Prodoehl of Milwuakee Makerspace and Maker Faire Milwuakee posted yesterday about his experience designing a Teensy LC breakout board with Fritzing and having it made by OSH Park:

I recently created my first “real” printed circuit board. By “real” I mean one that I sent out to get fabricated, not one I did at home by etching it myself. The board is for a Teensy LC, and breaks out most of the pins to screw terminals.

Once all the pieces are in place and connected up I switched to PCB view where you get to see what the actual printed circuit board will look like. […] It will output a whole bunch of files to the folder specified. Once I had this folder I made a ZIP file from it, and named it and uploaded it to OSH Park.


Make a PCB with Fritzing & OSH Park

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