D-DAQ: monitor automotive perfomance

Michael O’Brien created this project to monitor automotive performance:

Hackaday.io: D-DAQ


“D-DAQ is the new incarnation of the Doniol Boost Gauge. It is designed with around a modular paradigm and high quality parts. Though by it has battery voltage, EGT, Boost up to 85 psi, and a 5V aux sensor of your choosing, it can be expanded via 10 additional analog inputs, 2 impulse inputs, and future CAN integration.”


“As for outputs, you can add up to 3 OLED displays to view everything on, though this too is not limited to the displays in development.”

Michael made this 2 minute overview video for The Hackaday Prize:

Digital-Corpus has shared several projects on OSH Park including:

D-DAQ Mainboard Proto 4

i (13)
Order from OSH Park

Michael wrote about his experiments with plated slots in his hackaday.io project log:

OSH Park Manufacturing



NOTE: Internal Cutouts and Slots

We officially support non-plated slots and cutouts that are at least 100 mil wide (0.1inches / 2.54mm).

Whenever possible in your designs, we advise replacing small or plated slots with a large via. Typically, setting the hole size equal to the slot length is sufficient to fully replace the feature with minimal design impact.

D-DAQ: monitor automotive perfomance

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