Low Cost VGA Terminal Module

K.C. Lee created this low cost module to add VGA and keyboard connectivity to retro computer, development board or embedded computer via serial port:


K.C. describes his project on Hackaday.io:

This can be used as a stamp sized VGA and keyboard interface module in an embedded design. It can be connected to a VGA monitor, PS/2 keyboard and act as a terminal via TTL serial port.

While there are a lot of ARM based VGA projects out there, this is an exercise to see what can be done with the low end STM32F030F4 that has only 4K of RAM and 16K of FLASH. It boots up instantaneously so it doesn’t miss critical boot up messages from the host.

I named it Chibi Term. (Chibi = Small in Japanese)

He posted this rendering of what a breakout board may look like:


FPGA-Computer shared the board on OSH Park:

Low Cost VGA Terminal Module “ChibiTerm”



Low Cost VGA Terminal Module

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