Build a BGA board

Henrik Forstén built a board with an Atmel ARM processor in 217-ball BGA package using OSH Park and OSH Stencil:


Making embedded Linux computer

I wanted to try designing a board with BGA chips in it to see how hard soldering them could be. So I decided to design a small ARM embedded system that can run Linux. ARM processor that I decided to use was AT91SAM9N12 in a 217 ball LFBGA package, just because it was the cheapest ARM processor with memory management unit which is required to run Linux.

The hardware design files are available on GitHub:



Build a BGA board

2 thoughts on “Build a BGA board

  1. Roberto Hradec says:

    this is pretty awesome… You’re the first person I saw making such a complex pcb project!

    may I ask your help on directions for a projet of mine? i want to develop a barebone circuit to connect and controll a DLP 4.5” DMD chip directly from a raspberry pi or some other LINUX computer with GPIO’s…

    Would you like to have a quick email chat about it so I can give you more details?


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