Lessons in 3D Circuits

OSH Park engineer Dan Sheadel created this LED crown entirely from PCBs:
Screenshot from 2016-07-23 04-58-07.png
Experimental 3D circuit board, with possible applications as headwear and firestarter
The design files and source code are hosted on GitHub:

git tekdemo/PCB-Crown


Dan shares lessons learned from his first venture into designing 3D circuits:
disconnected-vcc (1)
  • Avoid having structural components carry signals
  • Castellations work, but mind the placement.
  • If at all possible, make each component easily testable and self contained
  • Don’t try to dual-purpose a component lead as a signal wire.
  • Watch your line termination
  • Put all connected parts on the same design
  • Hobby Iron vs Soldering Iron: Not the same.
  • Make a jig, or at least a good assembly guide



Lessons in 3D Circuits

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