OSH Park is hiring! Customer support engineer


OSH Park is looking for a part-time Customer Support Engineer to help our customers navigate our website, order from our service, and learn about designing circuit boards for manufacturing. We’re a small company and we offer high quality manufacturing in the USA by combining many small printed circuit board designs onto batch panels.


We see hundreds of orders a week so this is a great opportunity to see how engineering design meets the cold hard reality of manufacturing. We also offer paid time to work on your own Open Hardware projects.


Our office is in Oregon but our support team works from home so you should expect to work independently, manage your own work schedule, use Slack to keep in touch, and join us for biweekly remote meetings using Google Hangouts.


You must be:

  •  Familiar with the Linux command line and able to remotely access a Linux server.
  •  Fluent in English, which means that you have solid spelling and grammar skills without relying on a spell check. We only provide customer service by email, so we need someone with excellent reading comprehension and attention to detail.
  •  Curious about and/or experienced with the Maker community, printed circuit boards, and hardware design.
  • Able to be a teacher and mentor, answering the same repetitive questions with compassion and empathy each time, since many of our customers are hobbyists or students who are new to designing hardware and we’re here to support them.
  • Willing to install EAGLE and KiCad, two common CAD tools, and get comfortable using them.

We would love you to have an engineering or manufacturing background, have designed circuit boards yourself, or have experience in customer service, but none of those are necessary. We’re happy to teach you if you’re willing to learn.

If this sounds like you, then please email us at [email protected]

Note: U.S. Residents only


OSH Park is hiring! Customer support engineer

4 thoughts on “OSH Park is hiring! Customer support engineer

  1. Gary Tennyson says:


    Have you given any thought to accepting the “.dip” files from Diptrace? My sense is that it is a popular program in the hobbyist / small professional space. Exporting to gerber and drill and zipping isn’t a big problem, but a direct upload of the “.dip” file would be easier.


    Gary Tennyson

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