ATtiny85 breakout with selectable LEDs

From Barbouri’s Electronics Projects blog:


ATtiny85 breakout with selectable LEDs

While working on the oven heater control circuit for the Voltage Reference Quad Project V2, I needed a small board for testing the PIDheater control without using a serial port or display. I also wanted to use the same board design for multiple projects where I only needed a few I/O pins.



The ATtiny85 (PDIP) breakout board includes an array of 5 low current blue LED’s that are solder jumper selectable for each of the ATtiny85’s I/O pins except for the reset pin.

Barbouri has shared the board on OSH Park:

AT-Tiny 85 breakout V1.0


Order from OSH Park

ATtiny85 breakout with selectable LEDs

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