LTE Cellular Shield for Arduino with Voice

LTE Cellular Arduino Shield by Timothy Woo:


This powerful cellular shield can easily turn your project into a full-fledged phone with voice, SMS, LTE data, GPS, and more


Ever wanted to turn your Arduino into a phone with LTE technology? Sure, there are lots of 2G and 3G modules out there, but of the few that exist, not many LTE modules for Arduino are well-documented or are insanely expensive! With the SIM7500 shield that’s about to change! This shield not only has standard LTE technology with worldwide coverage but it also supports 3G, GPS positioning for asset tracking, and I’ve also thrown in an I2C temperature sensor in there as well, convenient for at least sending some data to the cloud. You’re also not stuck with using 5V Arduino; the shield allows you to configure your own logic voltage so you can interface this with Raspberry Pi and other 3.3V microcontrollers.

As a firm believer in great documentation I’ve set out on a journey to use just about every cellular module I can get my hands on, including theSIM7000module, this SIM7500 project, and hopefully others as well! Join me in this adventure, share your comments, and let’s get Arduino users all around the world connected to the cell towers!


LTE Cellular Shield for Arduino with Voice

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