Story of a SparkFun AVC Rover

Multi-year adventure of building JRover from scratch, as told by its creator, Jesse Brockmann, on the SparkFun blog:


Story of a SparkFun AVC Rover

I first started working on my SparkFun AVC rover back in 2011, but I didn’t have a finished rover until 2014. I first heard about the competition on the SparkFun site and thought AVC would be a great challenge – even then I thought self-driving cars would become mainstream. I hope I can provide some useful information for those of you working on or considering making a rover.


My latest rover uses the following components:

  • Traxxas Slash 4×4 Platinum LCG Truck
  • Anaconda street tires
  • Traxxas RPM sensor
  • RC4WD 35-turn brushed motor
  • Castle ESC
  • 3S 5400mah LiPo
  • Teensy 3.5
  • 2GB+ micro SD card
  • BNO-055 IMU
  • Headers
  • Various jumper wires
  • Tactile Buttons
  • Custom JRover Baseboard and Button Board
  • Digole 2” LCD display
  • Airplane RC transmitter and receiver with PPM output
  • USB battery bank


Story of a SparkFun AVC Rover

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