Still time to join the BadgeLove contest!

Hackster is running the “the Blinkiest Badge Challenge on Earth” and you still have until February 28th to submit your badge design!

Screenshot from 2019-01-03 11-48-38.png


#BadgeLife is the new electronic graffiti. This form of art is in a league of its own, first popularized by DEFCON hackers, now boasts serious technical sophistication, a wicked artistic flair, peppered with political, cryptography, social, cultural and comical narratives, flashing LEDs and screens with add-ons galore.

Screenshot from 2019-01-03 11-49-55

You are invited to join our first, and certainly not last, BadgeLove challenge, sponsored by OSH ParkAutodesk EAGLE & Fusion 360, and Hackster.

Share your unique design with 700,000+ Hacksters and we will reward badge fanatics for their beautiful, weird, cool contributions.

Ready to Badge It?

  • Share any badge, new or old with full instructions
  • Provide design documentation. For example, PCB layout (native or Gerber plots), artwork, bill-of-materials, schematics, source code/firmware, and anything else you’d like to share!
  • Written explanation describing your badge’s capabilities
  • Optional video explaining what the badge does
  • Want to score extra points? Celebrate our partner Autodesk and build with Autodesk EAGLE files and Fusion 360 CAD (check out the Autodesk prize)
  • Don’t want to share your complete Gerbers? Need to protect your invention? We totally understand. Share only what you feel comfortable with
  • Got add-ons? Let’s see them!
  • Selling your badges? Share your links, we want to buy some!
  • Need fab help? It’s all about the one and only OSH Park!
  • Using Altium, KiCad, other? You’re good!
Still time to join the BadgeLove contest!

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