Apertus Open Source Cinema: AXIOM Beta Power Board

Screenshot from 2020-05-25 13-59-25

The Apertus AXIOM Open Source cinema camera projects is one of our favorites and we are excited to see that are making progress on the Beta Power Board:


The AXIOM Beta Power Board sits between the Beta Main Board and the MicroZed™ in the camera’s PCB stack. It generates all the different supply voltages for the chips and logic on the other PCB’s inside the camera. It also monitors currents so that it can estimate remaining power based on the recorded consumption. Version 1 of the Beta Power Board has the 8 different voltage rails calibrated at factory. In case of a future hardware upgrade that require any power rail to have a different reference voltage this calibration needs to be redone.

Apertus Open Source Cinema: AXIOM Beta Power Board

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