PS/2 Floppy Drive

Eric Schlaepfer created this nifty board for retro computer users:


PS/2 Floppy Adapter

This PS/2 floppy adapter is designed to allow standard PC floppy drives to be used in IBM PS/2 systems that have 40-pin edge connectors for their floppy drive interfaces. Compatible models include

  • IBM PS/2 Model 50 and 50Z
  • IBM PS/2 Model 60
  • IBM PS/2 Model 70
  • IBM PS/2 Model 80

And others as well.

The design files are here.


Fab Files

The bill of materials is as follows:

Designator Quantity Description
J2 1 34-pin 0.1″ breakaway header
R1-R5 5 1K ohm resistors, 0603

PS/2 Floppy Drive

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