Retro CPC Dongle

From the Intelligent Toasters blog:

Retro CPC Dongle – Part 44

At long last, the final build of the CPC is finished, tested and working!

Initial testing suggests that the main hardware components work and so I’ll need to work on the FPGA core and the supervisor code to complete this project. However, I’m able to use the major components, so I’m confident anything minor can be worked around.

I’ve been looking at 3d printing for the CPC2 case, but this turns out to be far more complex that I expected. I’m looking for a very smooth finish on what will be a small device and that seems not to be straightforward. I also wanted the key colours to be faithful to the original and will involve either full colour printing in delicate materials such as super-glued sand, or painting of the final print. Neither option seems particularly satisfactory. So I’ll let you know how the research goes.

Just so you know where I’m heading, if I can run GetDexter on my CPC2, I’ll consider it substantially completed.

Retro CPC Dongle

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