TPS22917 Load Driver/Power Switch

Seth Kerr from Oak Development Technologies has developed a new breakout board:

TPS22917 Breakout board – Load Driver/Power Switch

Availability: Depending on availability, this product might take longer than usual to ship. (Up to three weeks).

Easily turn your project into a lower power system with the TPS22917 power switch and load driver from Texas Instruments, delivered on an easy to use breakout.

This breakout enables you to easily create a GPIO controlled load switch to ensure you power components when you need them.


  • Vin: 1V-5V
  • Vout: 1V-5V
  • Current Output(max): 2A
  • Rds on: 80mOhms
  • Interface: On/Off
  • Output type: P-Channel
  • Control: GPIO controllable (digitally controllable)
TPS22917 Load Driver/Power Switch

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