Replace 7400-Series Logic with FPGA board

Gareth Halfacree writes on Hackster about a work-in-progress by Scott Shawcroft to let people play with glue logic in STEMMA QT projects:

Scott Shawcroft Aims to Replace 7400-Series Logic with a STEMMA QT FPGA Board Design

Scott Shawcroft has shown off a new board for the STEMMA QT I2C ecosystem, designed to house a Lattice MachXO2 32QFN field-programmable gate array (FPGA) and replace 7400-series logic chips with a programmable glue logic system.

“This is a STEMMA QT board. So, it’s got the two-in and -out there, and then it’s got logic level shifters and a regulator in case it’s five volts, and then this is a MachXO2 FPGA,” Shawcroft explains of the design during an Adafruit Show and Tell session. “I was thinking what i would do is add software so that it would act like a 7400-series logic chip.”

Replace 7400-Series Logic with FPGA board

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