Apertus: Google Summer of Code Wrap 2020

We always like seeing updates from the Apertus open source cinema camera project:

Google Summer of Code Wrap 2020

Google Summer of Code or short GSoC came to an end for this years season recently and here we want to showcase some of the cool projects students work on this year around the AXIOM camera.

AXIOM Remote: Bootloader improvement and extensions

“The task was split up in the following sub-tasks:

– Flashing of the PIC16 firmware using the PIC32 bootloader

– Self-programming of PIC32: In simple terms it basically means to flash the firmware-with-UI on the PIC32 microcontroller

– Establishing the communication between the bootloader and the firmware

– Power saving modes for PIC32, LED dimming etc.

I created a python script which runs on the host PC and it can take care of the first two sub-tasks. The user can select the connected USB-UART port, HEX file to flash and the operation to perform. The project proposal, code links and the phase-wise report are given here on the Project Wiki page.” – Priya Pandya (MetalDent)

Apertus: Google Summer of Code Wrap 2020

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