VT100 Terminal Kit

The VT100 Terminal Kit by Peter Hizalev on Tindie includes the PCB and parts to build ASCII terminal that uses conventional PS/2 keyboard and VGA screen

Geoff’s VT100 Terminal Kit

This is VT-100 and XTerm compatible video terminal implemented on the PIC32 microcontroller. It has a serial interface with TTL or RS-232 signal levels, input from a standard PS/2 keyboard, and output to a VGA monitor. There is also a USB interface that supports serial over USB and acts as a USB-to-serial converter.

  • Full compatibility with VT-100 and XTerm tested with vttest;
  • All new SETUP utility available on Ctrl+Alt+Del;
  • Configurable UTF-8, ISO 8859 and IBM PC 437 support;
  • Configurable VT-220 and PC/Sun keyboards compatibility;
  • Regular, bold, underlined and strike-through Terminus Unicode fonts;
  • Blinking and inverted visual attributes;
  • Configurable ANSI color-to-monochrome transformation;
  • Support for historic DEC graphic characters;
  • VGA output follows strict 25MHz pixel clock to get standard 640×480 resolution at 60Hz refresh rate;
  • 8×16 characters and 24 or 30 lines screen buffers configurable in SETUP utility;
  • Full range of baud rates from 110 up to 921,600;
  • Scroll-lock and XON/XOFF flow control;
  • PS/2 keyboard detection at startup;
  • Dedicated timer pin for pixel data SPI framing instead of using VSYNC;
  • Monochrome color is selectable with jumpers instead of solder bridges;
  • Only US and UK keyboard layouts are supported (new layouts are easy to add–just let me know);
  • Composite PAL/NTSC output is not supported;
  • Serial communication speed is not configurable with jumpers, the only available configuration is with SETUP utility;
  • Streamlined 4″x1.5″ board with VGA, PS/2 and USB ports on one side;
  • Firmware source code and KiCad designs are open source. Contributions are welcome!
VT100 Terminal Kit

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