Teensy 16 channel DAC

Teensy creator Paul Stoffregen announced on Twitter:

Today I dusted off a 16 channel DAC PCB I had designed on a whim back in March. Fiddled ’til I found settings to make the ADAU1966A spring to life. It’s generating 16 distinct waveforms!

Here is the OSH Park shared project from Paul:

ADAU1966A Test

So far this PCB has only been tested with the code below. It does produce 16 different waveforms output with the correct frequencies and waveform shapes. The board seems to work, but no other testing has yet been done (or perhaps by the time you’re reading this, maybe this page is old info….)

Sharing this because it was requested on this Tweet. https://twitter.com/insolace/status/1342452185552932864

This board uses the ADAU1966A chip from Analog Devices. Analog Devices also made an older version of this chip, ADAU1966 without the “A”. It is listed as not recommended for new designs. If you search and find the old chip, don’t worry. Just make sure you’re searching for ADAU1966A with the “A”.

Teensy 16 channel DAC

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