Greg Davill’s Advent Calendar of Circuits 2020

The talented Greg Davill took on the challenge of designing an average of 1 circuit board design and layout per day for 31 days in December.

Advent Calendar of Circuits 2020

  1. gdpi SYZYGY pod featuring 2x digital video ports
  2. resonance Addon board for card10 to add video output
  3. meiji-led-ring Illuminator to fit around the front of a microscope
  4. pcie_x4 SYZYGY pod creating a PCIe x4 add-in card
  5. icebreaker++ icebreaker FPGA board, upgraded with an ECP5
  6. pcie_x1 SYZYGY pod creating a compact PCIe x1 add-in card
  7. arm-watch New ARM based controller for the Casio CA-53W watch
  8. syzygy-sgmii Gigabit ethernet using an SGMII based PHY
  9. hdmi-si HDMI breakout board
  10. quad-7segment PMOD with a quad 7segment
  11. syzygy-breakout Breakout board for a standard SYZYGY connector
  12. icebreaker++-ram icebreaker FPGA board, upgraded with an ECP5 (+extra RAM)
  13. sd-dummy Dummy SD card to connect to a host system via SDIO
  14. gpdi-serdes GPDI using the serdes
  15. rpi-hq-camera Connector for the Raspberry Pi HQ camera
  16. syzygy-pmod SYZYGY to PMOD adapter
  17. pmod-gnss GNSS PMOD, GPS + Glonass
  18. led-panel Breakout for some White LEDs
  19. syzygy-txr-breakout SYZYGY TXR4 to SMA connectors
  20. syzygy-dual-atto320 SYZYGY to dual Atto320 LWIR sensors
  21. syzygy-rgb888-lcd SYZYGY 5″ 800×480 LCD panel
  22. memory-lcd-wing minimal wing for OrangeCrab
  23. syzygy-flir-tau2 SYZYGY tau2 LWIR core
  24. syzygy-flir-boson SYZYGY boson LWIR core
  25. SCD30-3d-model 3d model for the SCD30 CO2 Sensor
  26. esp32s2-co2-monitor ESP32s2 + Sharp memory LCD + CO2 Monitor
  27. jtag-programmer FT232H based JTAG programmer
  28. ECPBreaker ECP5 based icebreaker update, FX2 HS USB + SYZYGY
  29. esp32s2-lepton Small ESP32 based thermal camera
  30. esp32s2-breakout ESP32S2 + Sharp memory LCD
  31. syzygy-epc901 SYZYGY breakout with an EPC901 CCD + 50MSps ADC

Greg Davill’s Advent Calendar of Circuits 2020

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