Megadesk: open source IKEA controller

Open-source, drop in controller for the IKEA Bekant standing desk from Greg’s Tinker Town on Tindie:


Megadesk is an AVR based, open source, drop in controller for the IKEA Bekant standing desks.

The Bekant is a relatively inexpensive motorized standing desk. It doesn’t come with memory positions.

I wanted to have memory positions for easily switching between various work positions. I also didn’t want to be limited to just 2 positions. However, as I went through the process, I realized the hardest part was designing the enclosure. 3D Printing is a great option, but lacks that professional look, and limits the availability to those with printers. Additionally, getting custom membrane buttons that would look good was also extremely expensive. Simple push-buttons would take away from the look of the desk.

By targeting the factory enclosure, it keeps the original look and robustness, while adding functionality.

Megadesk: open source IKEA controller

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