Itech USB-to-Serial adapter

New project from Matt Mets of

Itech USB-to-Serial adapter

Some ITECH test equipment has a DSUB connector with a standard-breaking 5V TTL connector on it. This is a non-isolatd USB converter for this equipment, for interfacing to a PC.

Shared project: ITECH-USB-ADAPTER

You can order the PCBs direct from the OSH park project, or use the gerbers and order from anywhere. You’ll need the parts listed in the BOM, substituting a USB ‘A’ cable for the 4-pin header. The PCB is designed to be sodlered directly to a NorComp 171-009-103L001 DSUB connector, and the whole thing will fit in a NorComp 977-009-020R121 shroud.

Itech USB-to-Serial adapter

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