Listen to Star Simpson “On The Metal”

On The Metal is a great podcast for people that enjoy tales of computer engineering and the latest guest is the wonderful Star Simpson!

On the Metal: Star Simpson

Welcome back to the second of our three part bonus season of On the Metal: episodes that we recorded after the end of Season 1 but before the onset of the pandemic.

On this episode of On the Metal, we interview Star Simpson, autonomous aviation visionary, insatiably curious engineer, and relentless optimizer. Join us as we learn how a pirated C++ compiler at an impressionable age pushed Star towards electronics, how a friend jockeying for Hacker News karma landed her work on late-night TV — and why you definitely didn’t want to be test pilot on the Piasecki PA-97. And if you find yourself hankering for a good read, you’re in luck: this episode ends with a flurry of book recommendations sure to sate your inner aviation buff.

Listen to Star Simpson “On The Metal”

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