Matthew Venn: My Zero to ASIC journey

Great blog post from Matthew Venn about learning to design an Integrated Circuit with open source tools:

My Zero to ASIC journey

Almost exactly a year ago in March 2020 I started getting interested in Open Source ASIC tooling. I don’t remember exactly what sparked my interest, but I remember this talk by Tim Edwards at WOSH: Bootstrapping a real working design flow and sometime after seeing Adam Zeloof posting a picture of an ASIC implementation of pong.

I’m very happy to have this opportunity. I’ve done a lot of science communication and always really enjoyed it. This course combines my love of electronics and teaching. The demand for tickets is helping me continue my study of Open Source ASIC tooling, contribute back to the community and help spread this experience to people who, like me, would never have thought that they’d one day get to make their own chips.

Matthew Venn: My Zero to ASIC journey

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