Arduglasses feature transparent OLED displays

Kevin Bates, the creator of the Arduboy, has a new creation: transparent OLED lensed PCB framed Arduboy compatible smart glasses!

Introducing Arduglasses

Ever since I discovered these transparent OLED a couple years ago, I’ve been wanting to turn them into glasses! When I first tried I could not get them to work, and it was only until I saw a post by Sean Hodgins on twitte about his success with them did I pick the project back up.

The glasses are made out of printed circuit boards from OSH Park. The electronics driving the two displays are entirely on the right side stem of the glasses along with a small 100mAh rechargeable battery that will run the glasses for a little more than an hour. The left side stem is the same PCB, just unpopulated.

Arduglasses feature transparent OLED displays

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