Open Source Turtle Robot Kit

From Ken Olsen of The Maker’s Box on Tindie:

Open Source Turtle Robot Kit

A 3D printed drawing robot you can build, program, and modify.

Robotics is the exciting intersection of a number of engineering fields including mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and computer science. This project was designed as the basis for a two-day workshop for high school age students to introduce them to engineering principles and giving them a jumping off point for exploring their interests further. There is something for everyone here, even if it is just for the art it creates. The design goals were:

Easy to build.

Easy to program.

Did something interesting.

Low-cost so participants could take it home and continue to learn.

Open Source Turtle Robot Kit

DIY Arduboy Contest

Exciting announcement from Kevin Bates, creator of Arduboy, on Hackster:

Make your own Arduboy-compatible game system and win the brand new Arduboy FX!

Arduboy is an open source game system based on Arduino that has been supported by an awesome community for over five years with over 200 games available to play!

Example DIY Arduboys found on the web

Arduboy community members have already made hundreds if not thousands of homemade versions of their very own Arduboy, now is your chance to share yours on Hackster!

The Arduboy consists of an OLED display (SSD1306), ATmega32U4 processor (same as Leonardo, Micro or Pro Micro), six tactile buttons and an optional speaker and RGB LED. You are encouraged to try and port Arduboy games to other microprocessor platforms and displays for bonus points!


All the instructions on how to make your own Arduboy game system are available for free online. If you have already documented your project on the Arduboy community or elsewhere you can import it to Hackster and join the contest too.

Because Arduboy is open source all of the information about how it is made is published for others to learn and understand from. Learning to make and program an Arduboy helps teach critical thinking and problem solving skills! Make an Arduboy today, you just might learn something!

Bonus Points.png

Alternate Processor or Display – Get extra points for going beyond the ATmega32U4 and SSD1306!

Custom PCB – Projects that use a custom circuit board made for this contest will receive bonus points!

DIY Arduboy Contest

New Contest: Reinvented Retro — Hackaday

There are so many ways to make things look awesome by pulling inspiration from great retro hardware. And combining today’s futuristic functionality with yesterday’s lines, colors, and kitsch is the quick path to a winning combination. So why not give it a try and show us what you got? That’s the gist of Hackaday’s Reinvented Retro Contest which begins right now and runs through June.

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New Contest: Reinvented Retro — Hackaday

Winners of Hackaday’s Data Loggin’ Contest

The votes for Hackaday’s Data Loggin’ Contest have been received, saved to SD, pushed out to MQTT, and graphed. Now it’s time to announce the three projects that made the most sense out of life’s random data and earned themselves a $100 gift certificate for Tindie, the Internet’s foremost purveyor of fine hand-crafted artisanal electronics.…

Winners of Hackaday’s Data Loggin’ Contest: Bluetooth Gardening, Counting Cups, and Predicting Rainfall — Hackaday
Winners of Hackaday’s Data Loggin’ Contest