Acorn cap touch board

Add a touch of fun to your project with the AT42QT1070 “Acorn” capacitive touch sensor from Oak Dev Tech:

We’re pretty touched by this acorn! A powerful and versatile capacitive touch sensor by Microchip that provides 7 channels of touch input on a single chip with a large variety of configuration which make it ideal for all kinds of touch projects.

The AT42QT1070 breakout communications over I2C and features two Sparkfun QWIIC/ Adafruit STEMMA QT compatible connectors for a solderless interface to get you up to speed faster.

We’ve helped take the development guesswork out of your hands by providing two easy to use libraries in Python and Adruino! The python Library is available to be downloaded through pip, or through the Adafruit CircuitPython Community bundle.

Why did you make it?

I made this because I thought it would be a fun way to bring a really well featured capacitive touch IC to an easy to use form factor.

What makes it special?

It has two Stemma/Qwiic compatible connectors meaning you can use it with your favorite Adafruit and Sparkfun microcontrollers.

Acorn cap touch board

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