OSHWA board nominations are open

The Open Source Hardware Association (OSHWA) is looking for 4 new people to join the board of directors. The nominee form is for self-nominations only. Please fill out the nominee form (deactivated 11:59PM ET on Oct. 12) to become a nominee or forward the link to someone you want to nominate.

The purpose of the form is to tell voting members why the nominee wants to serve on the OSHWA board. OSHWA will publish the nominees and their answers on Oct 14th. Board members hold a 2-year position. Board responsibilities include fundraising, promoting OSHWA, advising on goals and direction, and carry out compliance with the organizations purposes and bylaws. Board members must follow the Code of Conduct. Please see the OSHWA board member agreement to get a sense of the responsibilities. Board members are expected to spend 5-10 hours of time per month on OSHWA. Nominees can submit questions to [email protected] Nominations will be open until Oct. 12th.

Member voting will take place October 19th to 26th according to the election policy.

Want to vote in the election?  Become an OSHWA member!

OSHWA board nominations are open

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