“Ouija” ESP8266 Programmer Giveaway

Share your Halloween project for a chance to win a spooky PCB! The deadline is Tuesday, 11:59pm Pacific time.

“Ouija” ESP8266 Programmer Giveaway!

Got a Halloween project that you think is prize-worthy? Submit any project published in October 2021 with a spooky theme, and you could win a free Ouija-esque planchette PCB that you can use to program an ESP8266-01 module with Arduino code! Plus, you can attach the bare board to an earring hook, keychain, or lanyard for personal tech flair.

Thanks to our awesome friends at OSH Park, 3 winners will each receive a code to order a three-pack of boards in the “After Dark” colorway (which gives the PCB its seasonal black-and-gold aesthetic). Yep, that means one to keep and two to give away – or two to wear and one to use! It’s up to you.

“Ouija” ESP8266 Programmer Giveaway

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