Hackable IR remote for home automation

Aeroh One is a hackable IR remote board that can turn any remote-controlled device into an internet-connected one. It will support Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Siri, iOS/Android App, and IFTTT integration. Aeroh One is compatible with the majority of remote controls that operate over infrared.

Aeroh One has a small footprint, making it easy to mount on top of the infra-red remote receiver of your equipment. In addition, we will have a wide range of mounting options that you can either order or 3D models you can freely download and print yourself.

You can continue to use your old OEM remote while Aeroh One is mounted on the equipment. This is because Aeroh One has an infra-red remote receiver in the front, and can proxy the signals that it receives. It is programmed to emit the remote signals based on what your equipment can understand. With this infra-red remote receiver you can also record custom infra-red signals and program the Aeroh One to work with new equipment.

With Aeroh One, make your smart home smarter, without breaking the bank!

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Hackable IR remote for home automation

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