OSH Park sponsoring reddit contests


We are pleased to sponsor /r/DIYElectronics contests on reddit:

Each winner will receive a $30 gift code to be used on OSH Park!

The current contest is:

An unconventional clock

The mission here is simple: give me a clock you won’t see in a store.

Perhaps a word clock. A lava lamp water clock. An alarm clock that slaps you in the face and eats your hair (warning: audio). I don’t care.


There are no limits to parts, budget, or size. Your project can be as simple or as complex as you want.

You can use a breadboard, or you can design your own PCB. You decide for yourself whether you want to use a microcontroller. Up to you.


There will be 2 winners, one decided by a voting thread and another decided by a panel of judges.



March 14th


OSH Park sponsoring reddit contests

Star Simpson reimagines Forrest M. Mims classics

Star Simpson is designing PCBs with OSH Park for Forrest M. Mims III classic circuits!  A crowd-funding campaign for Circuit Classics will be coming to Crowd Supply soon:

Circuit Classics

Each circuit depicts an original, traced and hand-drawn schematic created by Forrest Mims for his iconic books “Getting Started in Electronics”, and the “Engineers’ Notebook” series. Every board includes a description of how it works, in Mims’ handwriting, on the reverse side.

Alongside the schematic is the circuit itself. Paired with the components you need to build up timeless examples such as the Dual-LED Flasher, the Stepped Tone Generator, and the Bargraph Voltage Indicator, each board is carefully designed for easy assembly recreating the wonder of learning how electronics work— whether it’s your first soldering project or your fifty-thousandth.

The Dual LED Flasher

Photo by Star Simpson (@starsandrobots)
Photo by Star Simpson (@starsandrobots)

The Atari Punk Console

Photo by Star Simpson (@starsandrobots)

The Bar Graph Voltage Indicator

Photo by Star Simpson (@starsandrobot)


Star Simpson tweeted:

People are asking me what font that is. It’s no font: that’s Mims’ handwriting. Exactly as in his books.

Forrest M. Mims III replied:

That’s right, Star. Circuits from the original “Engineer’s Notebook” were printed and illustrated using India ink on Mylar.

We leave you with this sage advice:

Always have a board in fab.

-Star Simpson


Star Simpson reimagines Forrest M. Mims classics

Shared Project: Sturdy Pot Adaptor for Breadboards

Sometimes it’s the simple things that make all the difference:

Sturdy Pot Adaptor for Breadboards

by Paul Stoffregen

Ever built a quick demo on a breadboard that needed a pot to adjust some parameter? As soon as someone tries to turn it, things come loose. That is, if they even try… little trim pots aren’t very inviting to touch & turn.

This pot adaptor board lets you use real full size (6mm shaft) pots on breadboards. With 10 header pins, the pot mounts securely to the breadboard, even when people turn the knob!

Paul has more information in his Dorkbot PDX blog post including this video:

I assembled the board with the recommended Bourns 10K pot from Digikey (#PTV09A-4020U-B103-ND).  For quick demo, I wired it up to a Teensy 3.2 Purple OSH Park Edition running an Arduino sketch that outputs to an Adafruit OLED:


Shared Project: Sturdy Pot Adaptor for Breadboards

Thimble.io prototypes with OSH Park


We were excited when Oscar Pedroso told us that Thimble.io uses OSH Park to prototype their new monthly electronics kit service:

“A big thanks to OSH Park for making these look gorgeous”


There are 3 days to go with their Kickstarter:

Thimble: Learn & Build Electronics w/ Monthly Delivered Kits

Create fun, electronic devices each month with guided tutorials and helpful community; first kit includes parts to build a wifi robot.

By making the Wi-Fi robot, you will:

  • create an Android/iOS app that makes things move
  • understand how electricity, motors, and microcontrollers work
  • prototype your own ideas to improve the robot
  • have fun showing off your creation.

Made for those curious about hardware and software: make things move!

For ages 13+ (soldering is involved)


Thimble.io prototypes with OSH Park

Normal schedule during Lunar New Year

Happy Lunar New Year!

We would like to let our customers know that all of our boards are manufactured in the United States, and OSH Park will be operating on a normal schedule through Lunar New Year:

Shipping Information and Turnaround Times

There are two periods of time to think about when making your order:

  • Fabrication time between when you place your order and when we receive boards from the fab.
  • Shipping time between when we ship and when the post office delivers your order to you.

All PCBs ship from Lake Oswego, Oregon, and are fully manufactured in the United States.

Normal schedule during Lunar New Year

Shared Project: Octoscroller

Download / Order: Octoscroller v1.3

Trammell Hudson created the Octoscroller cape to connect the BeagleBone Black to the Adafruit 16×32 RGB LED matrix to create the dazzling Octoscroller display at NYC Resistor hackerspace:


“Hexascroller has been a central fixture at NYCR for the past few years, with a few ups and downs. It’s replacement, Octoscroller, improves on our classic message alert polygon by having two more sides and two more colors of LEDs.”

Trammell has more awesome projects that use the Octoscroller cape and LEDscape:


“interactive art piece built for the NYC Resistor 2014 Interactive Show. It is built with the Octoscroller / LEDscape control board and sixty-four of the 32×16 RGB LED matrices. It has both interactive and non-interactive modes and has been exhibited at many art festivals.”


“Cubescroller is a six-sided hanging cubical art piece. It uses the LEDscape code and maps it onto a cube of six 32×32 RGB matrices with roughly 24-bit color.”

MTA Countdown Clock

“Pixel-for-pixel replica of the NYC subway countdown clocks. These tell when the next train will be arriving; my plan is to hook it into the MTA’s real-time data feed so that we can display authentic times for our office and hackerspace.”

Shared Project: Octoscroller

hackaday.io projects shared on OSH Park

Hackaday.io is full of amazing projects, and we’ve noticed a fair number of those projects have purple PCBs!  Here are some nifty projects that have shared their boards on OSH Park:

World’s Smallest Bat Detector

There are more bats around than you think!

Download / Order



Remake of the TIL311 hex LED display with recent technology.

Download / Order

Video of the PICTIL in action:


1 Square Inch of Power

An MPPT solar boost converter with 3.3v Output and Supercap energy storage.

Download / Order Power board
Download / Order Solar Panel board


Low Power Continuity Tester

An extremely simple, dependable continuity tester

Download / Order


Tiny CC430 Development Board

A custom CC430F5137 development board with selectable operational frequency between ISM 868 MHz and 915 MHz.

Download / Order


STM32F030F4 IoT Breakout board

This is yet another STM32F030F4 breakout board. There are footprints for nRF24L01+ module, MicroSD.

Download / Order

hackaday.io projects shared on OSH Park