Star Simpson launches Circuit Classics

circWe’re very excited that Star Simpson has now launched Circuit Classics on Crowd Supply!

Exquisite printed circuit boards that bring to life Forrest Mims’ vintage designs from “Getting Started in Electronics.”


Forrest M. Mims III is a trusted name in the electronics world for good reason: his charming and engaging texts have drawn millions of people into the world of electronics for the first time. I am bringing some of those hand-drawn circuits projects to life by creating an exquisitely designed series of finely crafted and highly detailed boards.

Our past blog posts about Star and Circuit Classics:



Star Simpson launches Circuit Classics

Buck Regulator Olympics


Buck Regulator Olympics is the current advanced contest in /r/diyelectronics on reddit:

The goal is to build a switching buck DC-DC converter from discrete components that can step down a fairly common input voltage to another common output voltage–in this case, 3.3V



  • Output voltage of 3.3V.
  • Minimum current of 100mA.
  • Can not be a prepackaged buck regulator solution
  • Must build from scratch using discrete components


  • One winner be picked by a panel of judges including kentaurus712 and RTA5
  • One winner will be picked by community votes
  • Selection criteria:
    • Cost efficiency (lowest overall BOM cost)
    • Power efficiency
    • Output tolerance
    • Features:
      • Feedback loops
      • error correction
      • overcurrent protection
      • turn-on voltage enables


  • Both winners will receive $30 gift code for OSH Park


  • April 30th, 2016
Buck Regulator Olympics

Winners of An Unconventional Clock contest


Congratulations to the winners of An Unconventional Clock contest in /r/diyelectronics on reddit!

Winner of Community vote:

Steam Punk owl clocks by Kurt Schaefer

With 20 votes total, this comprehensive build combines electronics, woodworking and using plexiglass to simulate Nixie tubes in a clock with a bunch of added features.

Be sure to check out Kurt’s detailed blog about the design and construction:

Plexitube Owl Clock

position an LED at the edge of a piece of acrylic that has a pattern laser-etched into its surface, and the LED lights up the pattern. Long ago I’d realized that a stack of 10 laser-etched digits with an LED to light up each digit might have the same visual charm as a Nixi Tube


Winner of Jury vote:

Persistence of Vision Clock by mr_stivo

We appreciated the innovative idea and the finished look the project has. Moreover, the documentation was great and it looked awesome in the demo video.


Want to join in the fun?  Buck Regulator Olympics is the current advanced contest in /r/diyelectronics:

build a switching buck DC-DC converter from discrete components that can step down a fairly common input voltage to another common output voltage


Winners of An Unconventional Clock contest

Over 200 projects on use OSH Park

We are big fans of Hackaday’s project website and are proud to see over 200 projects there have used OSH Park.


Please let us know in the comments section below if there are other projects that should be added to the list.

If you are on, then please follow our company profile that the wonderful Sophi Kravitz helped to create last week:



☠ Happy Hacking! ☠

Over 200 projects on use OSH Park

BOM manager for KiCad

Jeff Ciesielski is developing a BOM/Component manager for KiCad:

BOMs Away!

The goal of this app is to ease the BOM management burden on designers who choose to use Kicad for their layout and schematic capture needs, allowing for faster, easier data entry, and to provide a part database for re-use in future design

component_sel (1).png

Features include:

  • Self-curated component database
    • Simply enter a part’s manufacturer, supplier, manufacturer PN, and supplier PN then click ‘save to datastore’. Information is keyed off of component value and footprint, so future uses can simply use the part lookup button to retrieve the information. Multiple suppliers, manufacturers, and part numbers are supported.
  • Like-Part consolidation
    • Everybody miskeys from time to time, this feature detects (to the best of its ability) components that are the same, but simply have mislabeled values. For example: (10K, 10k, 10 K) will be consolidated into a single value selectable by the user
  • CSV Bom Export
    • Exports PCBNew style component agregate BOMs as CSV. Suitable for upload to digikey/mouser/octopart/etc
  • KiCad Backpropegation
    • All changes can be saved back to KiCad Schematics
BOM manager for KiCad

Pinduino: Arduino-based pinball control system

Eric Conner is developing an Arduino-based control system for building your own pinball machine:

The Pinduino Project


This is a dream that I have been working towards since 2012 […] I have finally found the time to complete it and have been progressing with leaps and bounds. Currently the project is 80% complete

Eric has thus far implemented:

  • 64 switch inputs
  • 64 lamp outputs
  • 16 solenoid outputs
  • 5 general illumination outputs
  • 2 flipper outputs
  • I/O Expansion port to add additional 16 solenoid outputs & flipper outputs

You can find design files and source code on GitHub and even contribute to the project:



eaconner has several shared projects on OSH Park including:

Pinduino Driver Board


Order from OSH Park

Pinduino: Arduino-based pinball control system

FemtoUSB Arduino-compatible board


Alex Albino of recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for the successor to the 8-bit AVR powered Femtoduino:


A tiny, powerful Arduino compatible board


  • Atmel ATSAMD21E18A
  • 256KB of flash
  • 32KB of SRAM
  • runs at 48MHz
  • push button
  • USB Host capabilities
  • interactive examples (Unity3D, Node.js & more)



The FemtoUSB hardware design files:


The source code and configuration files of the Arduino Core for the FemtoUSB’s Atmel SAMD21 processor:



FemtoUSB Arduino-compatible board