Apertus Open Source Cinema Camera

GEZ_2364 Better Sensor (1)We are very excited about Apertus and their mission to create an Open Source Cinema Camera:

The goal of the award winning apertus° project is to create free and open technology for todays professional cinema and film production landscape and make all the generated knowledge freely available.

And we love their philosophy:

Why Open Source?

The apertus° project is based on software free to be used for any purpose, free to be studied, examined, modified and redistributed – which includes distributing your modified versions. Hence, products and services developed by apertus° are almost exclusively released under GNU General Public License V3 . * Documentation provided is licensed under the Creative Commons License and the hardware under the Cern Open Hardware License .

Apertus ran a crowd-funding campaign in 2014 that raised €204,568:

Notice purple PCBs in the video?  We are very proud that Apertus has been using OSH Park to make boards since 2013!

OSH Park: Profile for apertus


Their GitHub organization contains software and hardware:

GitHub: apertus° – open source cinema


For example, their alpha-hardware repo contains Axiom Alpha prototype hardware source files (electronic schematics, documentation, PCB layouts, etc.) including this handy debug board designed with EAGLE:

Apertus AXIOM Cinema Camera at EHSM 2014



Apertus Open Source Cinema Camera

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