Magnetic Imager Tile v3.0

 writes in the latest Hackaday Links:

A while ago, [Peter Jansen], the guy who built a tricorder and a laser-cut CT scanner, made a magnetic camera. This Hall Effect camera is a camera for magnetism instead of light. Now, this camera has been fully built and vastly improved. He’s capturing ‘frames’ of magnetism in a spinning fan at 2000 Hz (or FPS, terminology kind of breaks down here), and it’s beautiful.

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Magnetic Imager Tile v3.0

The Road from AXIOM Beta Developer Kit to Production Camera

From Sebastian of the Apertus Open Source Cinema Camera project:


The Road from AXIOM Beta Developer Kit to Production Camera

Developer Kits have been shipping for some time now and we are aware that the most pressing question for many of you is “When will the AXIOM Beta evolve from a Developer Kit to being a production ready camera?” This article should help to answer that question, but keep in mind that the camera has been carefully designed to evolve constantly.





The Road from AXIOM Beta Developer Kit to Production Camera

Help gamaral’s Cancer Treatment

If you’ve enjoyed Guillermo Amaral’s electronics projects such as the Canon DSLR WiFi RemoteRaspberry Pi PSUUARTMatic 3000+, Keypad Submodule and many more, then please consider giving to his cancer treatment fund:

Gamaral’s Cancer Treatment

I’ve unfortunately had to flip the bill for my two past surgeries and my on going cancer treatment… and as you can imagine, I’m running out of cash.

If you like my content and/or have found my published projects interesting or useful, please consider sending me some spare change and I’ll be ever so grateful.

Here are couple great project videos by Guillermo on YouTube:

Help gamaral’s Cancer Treatment

Apertus Open Source Cinema Camera

GEZ_2364 Better Sensor (1)We are very excited about Apertus and their mission to create an Open Source Cinema Camera:

The goal of the award winning apertus° project is to create free and open technology for todays professional cinema and film production landscape and make all the generated knowledge freely available.

And we love their philosophy:

Why Open Source?

The apertus° project is based on software free to be used for any purpose, free to be studied, examined, modified and redistributed – which includes distributing your modified versions. Hence, products and services developed by apertus° are almost exclusively released under GNU General Public License V3 . * Documentation provided is licensed under the Creative Commons License and the hardware under the Cern Open Hardware License .

Apertus ran a crowd-funding campaign in 2014 that raised €204,568:

Notice purple PCBs in the video?  We are very proud that Apertus has been using OSH Park to make boards since 2013!

OSH Park: Profile for apertus


Their GitHub organization contains software and hardware:

GitHub: apertus° – open source cinema


For example, their alpha-hardware repo contains Axiom Alpha prototype hardware source files (electronic schematics, documentation, PCB layouts, etc.) including this handy debug board designed with EAGLE:

Apertus AXIOM Cinema Camera at EHSM 2014



Apertus Open Source Cinema Camera